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Pegasus Airboots / Warranty and Care


 Warranty  ...
Our products are extremely durable and they should be enjoyed for a long time. If you should experience undue failure of workmanship, under normal use,please let us know.
 Products are warranted for 6 mo. from date of purchase. Return items must be clean and dry, and sent to the following address with your shipping information.
Please include a copy of the purchase receipt and we will send a replacement as soon as available. 
Please send to :
Pegasus Airboots LLC  /  ATTN Warranty: PO Box 106 , La Center WA. 98629
Caring for your Airboots
Washing & drying
Caring for your Airboots  
 Please wash your products gently in washing machine (or by hand ). Roll them loosely attaching any velcro  securely.  An old towl will help them agitate . AIR-DRY  overnight.
Please DO NOT : 
DRY in dryer or use Chlorine  bleach  on neoprene products. To do so will degrade the material quickly and void warranty.