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Pegasus Sponsored Riders ~ About Kari Rupe :


My name is Kari Rupe...

 " .... I’m from a tiny town in Idaho I’ve been rodeoing most of my 27 years of life. I normally do barrel racing but about a year ago I started roping. Breakaway and steer stopping this coming 2018 year for ICA and western states.

I’m planning to hit the road hard in the roping, and I want to keep my horses protected and I always loved the Pegasus boots!!
I would love to become a part of the team! I’m always in a positive mood 110% ! If I have a bad run I give my self 5 minutes of pouting! then I chin up and head to the next one.

There is always someone watching...  a judge or a inspired little girl, so I always keep a smile on my face to show I’m here for win!

Kari Rupe


  Kari  is a Sponsored Rider and  Pegasus Dealer in Emmett, Idaho.